The God Who Waits in Graveyards

I've spent my fair share of time in graveyards. I've lost people. Too many people, and too close for comfort. In fact, the entire affair is one of considerable discomfort. I'm sure you've lost people too. We all have or will, no one makes out of this life without losing people. It's hard to keep… Continue reading The God Who Waits in Graveyards

Chocolate, flowers, and an execution

Ah, Valentine's Day. Chocolate, flowers, and beheadings. Romantic, isn't it? The historical accounts are a little vague, but the story is fun in a mysterious sort of way. Several Saint Valentines appear in early church martyrologies. Valentine could be a popular name, or Valentine's story was retold and made its way into multiple historical records.… Continue reading Chocolate, flowers, and an execution

ESV Omega Thinline Reference Bible Review

European Bible paper. Premium goatskin leather. Art gilding. To be perfectly frank, these are phrases I'm unaccustomed to using. I've never owned a truly high end Bible. I'm not a connoisseur of rare or exotic Bibles. I kind of wish that were the case, but Bibles have largely been more about the words inside rather… Continue reading ESV Omega Thinline Reference Bible Review

Stay in the Word

I love books. I like reading them, collecting them, and sitting in my home library with some Old Toby and gazing upon them with satisfaction. I treasure many of the books in my collection, especially the ones I went through seminary with. Those books are like theology professors who follow me through life. They aid,… Continue reading Stay in the Word

Desiring Authenticity

We have an authenticity problem. Maybe it’s because nothing is built to last anymore, or the cheese we grew up on doesn’t even melt. Either way you slice it, we desire authenticity, but I don’t know what “authenticity” means. I just read a few blog posts about authentic Christianity, and they’re all operating from different… Continue reading Desiring Authenticity

Buzzology: An Introduction

Every field has its own language. Music, mechanics, construction, sports, theology, and well, I think you get the idea. You've heard of Hebrew and Greek, but if you want to grow beyond baby Christendom, you must master buzzology. It's the native tongue of Sunday schools, youth groups, and even pulpits... usually pulpits hand crafted from the reclaimed… Continue reading Buzzology: An Introduction