Buzzology: An Introduction

Every field has its own language. Music, mechanics, construction, sports, theology, and well, I think you get the idea. You’ve heard of Hebrew and Greek, but if you want to grow beyond baby Christendom, you must master buzzology. It’s the native tongue of Sunday schools, youth groups, and even pulpits… usually pulpits hand crafted from the reclaimed wood of Mediterranean fishing boats. It can take years of progressive sanctification to gain true fluency, and even then, there’s always a hip new congregation on the other side of town meeting in the backroom of a coffee shop furthering Christian buzzology to previously undiscovered territory. And speaking of territory, you should stop by the foyer on your way out and pick up our new pamphlet on creation care, it’ll really challenge your stewardship.

I’ve been journeying with my community formation leader for a few months now, and I’ve just really felt the the need resonating inside me to live out a more authentic narrative. I don’t want you, gentle reader, to remain a baby Christian. I want you to ascend to the next level. So let’s unpack this. I’m trying to call you to radically live out a missional walk by sanctifying your relational interpersonal communication. We’ve got to cast a big vision if we want to reach the 10/40 Window with our buzzwords. I need you to radically re-vision your walk for maximum missional effectiveness. After all, you could be the the only Bible someone might read.

At the end of the day, I’m just a disciple trying to make disciples, and doing life in a radical community of intentional believers. And who knows, as we journey together, you might just stumble upon your unclaimed blessing (because hey, no one really wants to be a bachelor till the rapture, right?).

If you want to raise the bar and reach the masses more effectively, apply the buzzological principles used in this post in your own small group or high church house church plant. I bet you’ll see authentic relationships blossom in no time.

2 thoughts on “Buzzology: An Introduction”

    1. Holly, first let me apologize for the delayed reply! I admit, I’m not that great keeping up with my blog stuff. Second, I’ll make a confession to you: I don’t read too many blogs right now. I’m not anti-blog (obviously), but I spend most of my reading time with books. A couple of the blogs I used to love are no longer around, or the authors are MIA. So, do you mind if I recommend a few books? I’m going to assume you said “Go for it!”

      Mere Christianity by CS Lewis – Some roll their eyes because it’s such a popular recommendation. But it’s popular for a reason. Well worth the read.

      Knowing God by J.I. Packer – This is one of my all-time favorites. It’s a FANTASTIC book I wish every Christian would read. It really is a wonderful theological introduction to knowing the true God of the Bible. Must read.

      The Cross of Christ by John Stott – The title really says it all. It delves into the meaning, theology, and centrality of the Cross to the Christian faith. It’s vital to every aspect of what it means to be a Christian. Highly recommended.

      Turning Points by Mark Noll – This is a great introduction to Christian history. It’ll give you a good overview and framework to begin an exploration into our roots.

      That’s where I’d start. Those four will give you a great foundation.

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