The God Who Waits in Graveyards

I've spent my fair share of time in graveyards. I've lost people. Too many people, and too close for comfort. In fact, the entire affair is one of considerable discomfort. I'm sure you've lost people too. We all have or will, no one makes out of this life without losing people. It's hard to keep… Continue reading The God Who Waits in Graveyards

Chocolate, flowers, and an execution

Ah, Valentine's Day. Chocolate, flowers, and beheadings. Romantic, isn't it? The historical accounts are a little vague, but the story is fun in a mysterious sort of way. Several Saint Valentines appear in early church martyrologies. Valentine could be a popular name, or Valentine's story was retold and made its way into multiple historical records.… Continue reading Chocolate, flowers, and an execution